Tax Credit Opportunity

Please Help the Intown Jewish Preschool & Get A Tax Credit


In 2008, Georgia created the Georgia Private School Tax Credit program permitting individuals and businesses to receive a state tax credit for contributions to qualified Student Scholarship Organizations. 

A Student Scholarship Organization or SSO is an independent State approved organization that collects the pledges and funds for the schools and handles the distributions and monitoring of funds for the respective schools.

The pledged funds come straight off your GA Income tax liability so it doesn’t actually cost you anything. 



Additionally, your “contribution“ qualifies for a Federal Charitable Tax Contribution for the full amount donated, as the SSO’s are themselves non-profits! 

The Intown Jewish Preschool a flagship program of Chabad Intown will benefit from you contribution.

Forms are filled out online and take less then 3 minutes to fill out for first time donors and 30 seconds for repeat donors.


State Cap

Please note that Georgia has a cap on the total amount that can be contributed or redirected for this program.

So, please make your contribution early as contributions are approved on a first come first served bases!


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