In a quest to make an ongoing impact in our Jewish community, Chabad Intown Atlanta has embarked on a Year of Mitzvos campaign. This campaign will focus on the ten Mitzvos that the Lubavitcher Rebbe encouraged his followers to focus on. They are Mitzvos that are practical, tangible and impactful on the individual and the family.


Beginning in September of 2017 – in preparation for the new year 5778, we will be launching our first campaign. Each month we will introduce a new campaign and provide services, tools and opportunities for everyone in the community to participate. Please look for our logo and campaign on social media and come back to this page each month to learn and participate in this months campaign.


Remember “a little bit of light (Mitzvah) can dispel a world of darkness”!


Learn more about the Rebbe’s Ten Point Mitzvah Campaign.

This Month’s Mitzvah Campaign



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A Mezuzah

Daily, Jews recite the scriptural command about Mezuzah, in the sh’ma prayer: And you shall write them upon the doorposts of your house, and upon your gates. The Code of Torah-Law states: A human king sits inside and his servants guard him from the outside, but you sleep on your beds and the Holy One Blessed-Be-He guards you (i.e. through the Mezuzah on your doorposts) from the outside.


In 1974, the Rebbe launched a global Mezuzah campaign, which sparked a total renaissance in Mezuzah observance worldwide, and since then tens of thousands of faded, unfit mezuzos have been discovered and replaced and several hundred thousand new mezuzos have been affixed in Jewish homes.


Now, Chabad Intown, Atlanta, is offering to check 101 Mezuzas and install 101 Mezuzas (on doors that have never had a Mezuza before. 101 Mezuzas is the first month of Chabad Intown’s Year of Mitzvos Campaign. Stay tuned for each month’s special mitzvot!


Complete your First Come, First Served request form asap. This offer is only available during the month of Elul (begins August 23, 2017).

101 Mezuzas Request Form

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