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We Love You
Our sages tell of of three loves: first, the Love of G-d – the eternal and supernal source of all life and goodness; second, the Love Torah – the treasure passed down through the generations from Mt. Sinai to each of us; and finally, the Love of the Jewish People – our tradition, our history, our role and our contribution to this world and each other. Join us as we celebrate our 18th Year in Atlanta Intown with a year long celebration dedicated to Torah, Mitzvah and Love!
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Giving At Home

A Tzedakah box (known as a “pushkah”) is a traditional part of the Jewish home,reminding us to care and give a little every day, even if you have already made apledge or gave at the office. A Tzedakah Box waits on a shelf saying: “I remember,I care, I am involved!”

It’s the little things in life that count and that make a lot of sense (and dollars too). Every dime, quarter and dollar you give is a mitzvah connecting us to G-d and our fellow man. In today’s world, we need more mitzvot than ever. It doesn’t matter where or how much you give, just make Tzedaka part of your day. For a pushka box, please call our office at 404-898-0434.