Free Mezuzah Hanging Help

Mezuzah Hanging Help

A mezuzah place on the doorpost designates a Jewish home and reminds us of our connection to G‑d and to our tradition.


The mezuzah is also a symbol of G‑d’s watchful care over our home.


A mezuzah is not, contrary to popular belief, the outer container, but rather the scroll contained inside the case.  While you may have received as gifts beautiful mezuzah cases, the mitzvah concerns what goes inside the case.


A sofer or scribe write the Shema on the parchment which must be accurate and kosher.  The placing of a mezuzah on the doors of a home or office protects the inhabitants — whether they are inside or outside.


Mezuzah is one of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s “BIG TEN” Mitzvot and is one of the most popular mitzvah for Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations.


Where to hang it?
Which way does it point?
What do I say?
Is my scroll Kosher?


We’re here to help!


If you are new to town, are moving into a new home … whether your dream home or your first apartment, opening a business or office, or just want to make sure that your existing mezuzah is in proper working order, WE WOULD LOVE to help you with this big mitzvah.


Just hit the button below and a Rabbi will be thrilled to come to your place with a FREE Mezuzah and case and help you hang it and say the appropriate blessings.

Please help me hang a mezuzah.


Mezuzah FAQ’s

What's the agenda?

We’ll smooze, nosh and chat.  Then at some point we’ll hang the mezuzah(s), say a blessing and say a few words to mark the special occasions, take pictures, toast, say l’chaim and then move on to whatever you like or works for your space and season.

Will there be a minyan prayer service?

If you like and fits with the time of day, that would be great; but it is not required.

How many Mezuzahs scrolls do I need?

One for each doorpost excluding bathrooms and closets.

Any rules about the case?

No other than it should protect the scroll from the elements if outdoors.

Who should I invite?

Anyone you want to share this moment with.  If you can pull a minyan together, that’s awesome and may allow us to say certain additional prayers depending on the time of day.

What food should I serve?

Any kosher food is great.  Other than Kosher, there are no specific rules or requirements about food  – serve whatever you would like to serve.  It would be great to say a toast and l’chaim to celebrate the occasion.  (Any hard liquor – scotch, vodka is likely kosher and/or kosher wine marked “Meshuvah” will get the job done.)

What kind of party do I plan?

Whatever you would do at your “Welcome to my New Home Open House Party” – we’re just kicking it up a notch and elevating it by adding a big mitzvah.  So plan whatever you would like … cocktails, snacks, pizza, badminton, musical-chairs, music  . . . whatever works for you and your place . . .