Donate Goods

If you have any of the following and would like to donate them to Chabad, please email  These items are good for a tax deduction. All proceeds going to Chabad Intown.

Gold, Silver or Pewter

Pocket Knives

Precious Moments


Paper weights


Depression or Carnival Glass

Antique Scent / perfume Bottles


Limited Edition Prints

Bronze Figurines

Thomas Kinkade

Original Art Work

Ceramic Figurines

Beatrix Potter

Cross Stitch Samplers / Completed Cross Stitch Pieces

Antique Butter or Cookie Molds

Chokin Art

Antique Clocks

Micro Mosaic Jewelry or Art

Grandma Moses

Pocket Watches

Antique Gillett Style razors


Antique Costume Jewelry

Braun Shavers

Delft Ware

Disney Photo Cells

Morano Glass

Nortaki / Mikasa

Military Medals


To request more information, please email or call 404-898-04