What do you practice?

Jan 25 2018

What do you practice?

In this great video on Facebook, this little boy preaches beyond his years about which behaviors do you practice.


Whatever you practice you will get good at. So, if you practice complaining you will get good at it and find fault in everything. If you practice anger, you’ll get really good at it and you’ll find every opportunity to get angry even at the smallest things. See this link.


It struck me when reading this week’s Torah portion that if you practice faith in G-d you’ll get good at it and find G-d responds to your faith.


We learn this when the sea splits miraculously on behalf of the Jewish People. The Torah tells us that Moses sang a song with the Children of Israel. Then the Torah tells us that Miriam gathered the women and with tambourines they sang songs of praise.


The commentators want to know where did the tambourines come from in middle of the sea? Rashi quotes the Midrash that the women had such faith that G-d would perform miracles for them that they brought along musical instruments in order to sing and praise in full form.


Imagine that; a People had been enslaved for 400 years and finally are being given their freedom and are headed out into a desert. What is on their mind to take along with them besides the Matzah is their tambourines! And for what purpose for an anticipated miracle that had not yet occurred.


That is faith! And when you practice faith you find that faith rewards you in kind.


The lesson is clear for us. Whether you feel that your faith is strong or perhaps you feel that you have no faith at all, the actions that demonstrate faith are critical as those actions will bring the faith with it.


So, what do you practice?

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