All Alone?!

Oct 24 2017

All Alone?!

Do you ever feel all alone? Like no one gets you and your trying to move something along that is meeting human obstacle after obstacle. Or like the entire world has gone mad and you’re the only sane one? (If you answered yes to the last question, I know a good therapist.)

Last week I attended a session at the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta called a Fishbowl. Inside the Fishbowl were three entrepreneurs. And we were watching the conversation taking place between these entrepreneurs and the interviewee. One of the questions revolved around the idea of push back when innovating new ideas.

One of the individuals shared the following; your investors believe in you and your product and that’s why they invest in you. The people outside of that circle often times think you are crazy, your idea is crazy and it’ll never work.

That’s when you have to believe in yourself more than ever. When you believe in yourself under those circumstances you are able to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. When you believe in yourself in those circumstances you can literally change the world.

Now imagine if you had no one, not even investors, not even G-d!? That would be a very difficult road to travel.

That’s exactly the world that our father Abraham encountered when he began his campaign to teach monotheism. Everyone thought that his belief system was completely absurd. He didn’t yet have G-d speaking to him to encourage his journey. He was literally all alone.

The word Hebrew in Hebrew comes from the word Ever – (Ivri). Which means the other side. Abraham was one, alone on one side of the world. Everyone else was on the other.

It is that powerful belief that Abraham in turn ingrained into the Jewish DNA of every Jew to know that no matter what goes on around us, we remain believers children of believers! This is our heritage, this is our destiny!

Good Shabbos!

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