Standing With the Water Carriers

Sep 13 2017

Standing With the Water Carriers

This past week we experienced a calling to open our homes, our lives to share with others. People were in need and we were there to respond. Not everyone gets their name in the paper for their acts of kindness, but they are kind nonetheless.


Why is it that people open their homes to complete strangers in a time of need? Perhaps the urgency pressures us to access parts of ourselves that remain concealed in peaceful times.


In fact this idea is reflected in the opening of this week’s Torah portion, which always is read on the Shabbos before Rosh Hashanah. The verse states; “you stand here all of you today, your heads, your tribal leaders, your elders, from your wood choppers until your water carriers”.


The Torah is telling us that when we are called upon to stand before G-d, we stand as one. Barriers come down and there is a natural flow of unity between all people.


When someone is in danger, the things that divide us disappear. When someone is in dire need, we simply can’t allow for the barriers that separate to get in the way.


This is a very valuable lesson as we prepare for Rosh Hashanah and a New Year; to renew our commitment to being united and one with our community. And may Hashem bless us all to find that unity even in times of joy and plenty.


Good Shabbos and Shana Tova!

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