A Bit of Moses

Aug 09 2017

A Bit of Moses

As Yom Kippur draws to an end, I find myself changing gears from being a spiritual leader to a coach as the players enter the final inning or the last round. People are tired, it’s been a couple of weeks of preparation for the High Holidays and then two days of Rosh Hashanah, a long evening of Kol Nidrai and now after a full day of fasting, everybody (me included) is wiped out.


So, as we enter Neilah, the finally prayer of the season, I find myself serving as coach. Instead of trying to inspire people with some deep message, I try to appeal to their essence, help them call on their own essential connection with G-d and have them rise above the exhaustion one last time, across the finish line!


Why am I writing about this a full two months before Neilah?


In this week’s Torah portion we read an interesting comment that Moses tells the Jewish People. He says; “What does G-d ask of you other than to fear Him?”


The Talmud challenges this verse; “is fear of G-d such a small thing”, that seemingly Moses makes light of it, it’s no big deal?!


The Talmud answers; “yes! As it relates to Moses it is an easy thing”.


The first Chabad Rebbe, in the book of Tanya explains the Talmud’s answer. Each of us possess a part of the soul of Moses in us. As such, we each have the ability to access that part of our soul and develop the kind of relationship with G-d that He gives us the inner potential to have.


However, we have to want to have that relationship. Once we desire it, it’s there inside of us waiting to be accessed.


On Yom Kippur, at Neilah, it is a bit easier to access that part of our soul, since the soul is already exposed.


As we begin to draw near to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we have a greater ability to begin to peel away the layers and get in touch with that inner dimension of who we are.


Increasing in studying, praying and acts of kindness all help us connect with the deeper dimensions of our soul.


So, I encourage all of us as we draw near to the beginning of the High Holiday season to realize that we have a piece of Moses in us, and it’s waiting to be accessed. It’s yours for the taking.


Have a great Shabbos!

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