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Our sages tell of of three loves: first, the Love of G-d – the eternal and supernal source of all life and goodness; second, the Love Torah – the treasure passed down through the generations from Mt. Sinai to each of us; and finally, the Love of the Jewish People – our tradition, our history, our role and our contribution to this world and each other. Join us as we celebrate our 18th Year in Atlanta Intown with a year long celebration dedicated to Torah, Mitzvah and Love!
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Bar Mitzvah Club

Bar Mitzvah Club


A Bar Mitzvah is more than a bar to pass it is a time to recognize what it means to be a Jewish man and the responsibilities we have to ourselves, our religion, mankind and creation.


This is a 14 week Discovery Course where pre Bar Mitzvah boys will learn about the deeper meaning of becoming a Bar Mitzvah, the Thirteen Principles of Faith, a better understanding of the Torah and Haftorah, Jewish leaders, the Mitzvos connected to Bar Mitzvah (Tefillin and Talis) and Ahavas Yisroel – responsibility to others.


This is a fun – guys only group!

Snack is served at every gathering.


  • The group meets on Sunday evenings from 5:30-7:00.
  • $360 for the course. Please email